About Us

Our Story

The name Mhoon was born from a life lost in April 2020, our daughter/sister lost her life to what was expected to be a gas geyser installed incorrectly,
our beautiful Mari Hoon's legacy will live long after she left us, and therefore we strive to deliver a service that will stand second to none!

We operate and supply all over the country and have delivery available to assist with getting your chickens to you, our team  and driven individuals
will ensure we deliver top quality products to our customers every time.

Whilst we farm on a smaller scale than our suppliers for local distribution ensuring affordable food on your table.
We mainly operate as poultry brokerage!  

Our Team

Sune Hoon

Owner &

Rudi Pretorius

Co-Owner, Co-Founder 
& Farming Logistics

Maria Hoon


Izak Hoon


Michelle Green


Niel Green


Our Vision

We at Mhoon Chickens are working hard at getting resellers in most parts of the country to supply to on a weekly basis, we strive to give entrepreneurs an easy start to a poultry reselling business.
Together we can help grow the poultry industry in SA!    

Our Mission

Mhoon Chickens bring the consumer/reseller closer to commercial prices,
Which enables resellers to profitably sell chickens to the end user at prices that the Consumer can afford.
Affordable, Reliable, Local.